Cattle booster lick

Agriwise cattle booster block

(2 x 10kg blocks)

A cattle booster block providing cattle with essential minerals and trace elements, containing high levels of sodium and vital trace elements including copper, iodine, iron, cobalt, manganese, zinc and selenium.

Helping to maintain a healthy cattle stock, give them the boost they deserve.

These salt licks are specially made to help satisfy the demands of cattle. High in Copper, Cobalt and Selenium they are ideal for cattle on forage based diets.

Copper, Cobalt and Selenium/Vitamin E, are considered important trace elements for cattle impacting on overall performance. Cobalt deficiency begins with a poor appetite, reduced growth and anemia develop over weeks/months. The skin becomes thin with poor hair quality.

Copper deficiency is usually seen in young animals at pasture and can result in poor growth rates. De-pigmentation classically occurs as grey/brown discoloration of the coat especially around the ear margins and eyes. Copper deficiency has also been associated with reduced fertility.

Both selenium and Vitamin E complement each other but both have equal independent roles to protect cells against damage. The skeletal, cardiac and respiratory muscles are the most susceptible to damage. A delayed form Selenium/Vitamin E deficiency can also be seen in calves between the ages of one and four months-old.

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