E.P.M tub for pre-lambing (lamb)

Energy, Protein, and Mineral PreLamb (EPM)

Energy, Protein, and Mineral PreLamb (EPM) tub is a complimentary feeding stuff for sheep that provides a complete boost to aid a successful lambing season.


Energy is the first limiting and most critical nutrient needed 7 weeks pre-lambing, as 75% of lamb growth occurs during this period. (Pre-lamb)

E.P.M has energy derived from protected hydrogenated palm fat, soya oil and molasses giving a boost during this 7 weeks.
Protein is supplied by soya meal and molasses to maximise milk production and improve lamb growth rates.  A source of protein from urea is added to breakdown roughage.
Mineral nutrition is covered with optimum levels of magnesium, calcium and phosphorus to reduce hypocalcaemia problems and encourage growth and bone structure.

In addition the EPM tub contains a unique trace element/vitamin package that will help your lambs and ewes during this time and improve the survivability of your livestock.

  • Vitamin E and Selenium will help with Lamb vigour, survivability and improve the immune response.
  • Zinc is essential for keratin production which aids in udder and foot health.
  • Iodine is required for production of active brown adipose tissue, which  provides the lamb with energy for shivering.
  • Cobalt associated with lambs standing and suckling earlier.