Ewe and Lamb

Ewe and Lamb

Ewe and Lamb Booster with Yea-Sacc could help to improve performance from natural feeds produced on the farm. It also contains 10.5% natural protein for aiding daily live weight gains, 4% protein from urea is added to break down roughage. It is a great tub for increased energy levels as it contains megalac and sucrose, and minerals for healthy development of bone structure. There are high levels of trace elements, especially Iodine, Selenium, Cobalt and Zinc to balance the spring and summer grazing, allowing you to protect your livestock.

Ewe & Lamb Booster will also help to stimulate and encourage intake of dry matter such as hay, silage, rough grazing or new pasture, especially at times of stress, i.e lambing and suckling. Help to improve rumen fermentation, feed conversion, help to increase milk production with ewes and growth rates in lambs.


– Contains 10.5% natural protein and a small amount of Urea

– Contains Sucrose and Megalac

– Contains high levels (40mg/kg) of Selenium and Vitamin E Benefits

– Will help to provide protein for ewes and lambs

– Boosts healthy development and bone structure

– Will help provide ewes with additional energy at lambing time

– It will help to improve immunities and strong muscle development for both ewe and lambs

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