Hoof and Hide

Hoof and Hide Booster

Our Hoof and Hide booster contains high Calcium and Phosphorus levels designed to help strengthen the skeleton. High levels of Zinc Oxide and Zinc Bioplex are included to help build beneficial levels of keratin in the hooves and avoid foot problems. Zinc also has a beneficial effect on the coat and condition. Used for both cattle and sheep.

A highly palatable, high phosphorus bucket with extra Zinc Bioplex, Zinc Oxide and Selenium to act as an aid in the prevention of foot problems.


– Contains high levels of both Zinc Bioplex and Zinc Oxide

– Contains good level of calcium

– Contains the right levels of Iodine and Selenium


– It will help to harden the ewe’s feet and reduce lameness

– It will benefit growth rates in lambs, and help supplement calcium levels in milking ewes

– It will help promote good health and growth rates in ewes and lambs

Allow at least one bucket per 40 Sheep/per 20 Cattle, and if possible to be left near a source of water

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