King Magnesium

Agriwise king mag

(magnesium booster)

Agri-wise King Mag Booster with Copper contains 20% Magnesium, to help prevent grass staggers.

The symptoms of magnesium deficiency; nervousness, muscle tremors and convulsions are well recognized. High levels of it in King Mag Booster will help maintain it in the blood, making it available to the body.

Stress is the key factor, and this alone will cause levels of magnesium in the blood to drop. Sucrose is added at 11%, to help encourage good intake of the King Mag Booster tub.

High levels of trace elements and vitamins are also present, in particular Copper 3000 mg/kg and Iodine 500 mg/kg to balance the quickly growing grass, and keep stock healthy and profitable all year round.

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