Summer Essentials from Agri-wise

Summer Essentials from Agri-wise

We have a varied range of quality mineral buckets and feed supplements that aid profitability in your investment and the welfare of your stock.  Many of our products can be used all year round to complement feeding by providing boosted levels of important trace elements and minerals.  As we enter summer, we’ve identified some Agri-wise products to assist in providing optimum feeding and support the wellbeing of your livestock.

Are you starting to get your flock healthy for Tupping season?

Promote fertility and improve on lamb numbers with Agri-wise

It is important that your flock is at optimum health as we move through the summer months and into tupping season during autumn.

Agri-wise Tupping Booster is a highly palatable, mollassed mineral booster containing high levels of phosphorus and sucrose to promote fertility when sheep are tupping at pasture, as well as high levels of manganese to help prevent the reabsorption of lambs.

We add Vitamin E at 500iu/kg to our Tupping Booster to stimulate activity when tupping and selenium, iodine and cobalt are added for improved egg development, increased muscle development and overall breeding success.

Working towards optimum levels of health of your flock during the summer season will bring benefits such as, improvements on the numbers of lambs born and a tightened and more manageable lambing season, reducing overall labour requirements.

Would you like to prevent eye problems during the grazing period?
Reduce the risk of eye conditions and increase overall livestock health with Agri-wise

Agri-wise Buzz-Off Booster + 3000mg/kg of Copper is a very special 20kg tub that helps to keep flies away from cattle, reducing the risk of eye infections and conditions such as Infectious Bovine Keratoconjunctivitis or ‘Pink Eye’.  Such conditions are carried by flies and therefore can spread rapidly during the summer months.

These conditions are highly contagious, cause pain and discomfort and more commonly affect young stock rather than adults.  Buzz-Off Booster has been developed from sound mineral knowledge gathered by Agri-wise over the years and includes garlic to help alleviate the fly problems that cattle face in pasture.

Agri-wise Buzz-Off Booster has a range of health benefits including improved fertility, increased growth and immunity and boosted productivity and performance. A great, all round supplement for the summer months providing improved general health benefits for your stock and increasing your returns. 

Other products that you may be interested in this summer include:

Super Dairy Bioplex – Boosts mineral and trace elements when cows are out to grass with reduced levels of concentrated feed available.

Diamond Boost – Improves the growth rate and health of young stock and is ideal for use in calves at times of stress, especially weaning.

For details on more Agri-wise products available to optimise your summer time feeding, visit our Product List or contact our team on 01460 239851.