Are you ready for Spring? Let Agri-wise help.

Are you ready for Spring? Let Agri-wise help.

Spring is a busy time of year with lambing in full swing and calves being born. At Agri-wise we understand the importance of maintaining the nutritional needs of your livestock. We have developed a comprehensive range of products to ensure that you can deliver balanced and considered nutrition, that provides important immune support for young animals and essential nutrients to keep your livestock healthy and productive.

Do you fertilise your fields in the Spring?

premium livestock health & Grass Stagger Prevention with Agri-wise

The fast growing spring grass is low in minerals and trace elements, especially magnesium, that are essential to the health of your cattle. Magnesium is critical to the optimum health of your cattle, protecting them in times of stress that can be brought about by cold or wet weather conditions or even travel to market. Stressful situations can cause a drop in magnesium levels in the blood resulting in conditions such as grass staggers. Our KING MAG Magnesium Booster contains high levels of magnesium, maintaining magnesium levels in the blood stream and making it available to the body when required. Sucrose is added to increase palatability and high levels of trace elements are also present – Copper 3000mg/kg and Iodine 500mg/kg – to balance the fast growing spring grass.

Are you preparing for the lambing season?

Provide optimum nutrition pre & post Lambing with Agri-wise

Agri-wise Ewe and Lamb Booster Tub is one of our best-selling tubs and we continue to receive great feedback from our current customers on the performance of the product. Ewe and Lamb Booster Tub encourages the intake of dry matter and protects your livestock during times of stress, subsequently increasing milk production in ewes and growth rates in lambs. The tub contains an ingredient called Yea-Sacc, which is a yeast culture included to improve the performance of natural feeds produced on the farm. It also contains high levels of selenium and vitamin E helping to develop strong muscle tissue in ewes and improving immune response in lambs. Ewe and Lamb Booster Tub can be used both prior to and after lambing to provide optimum nutrition and good health for your ewes and new lambs.

For details on more Agri-wise products available to optimise your springtime feeding, visit our Product List or contact our team on 01460 239851.